Concentration techniques for beginners meditation

We all know that beginners meditation can be hard.  Who says clearing the mind is easy?

In the practice of meditation, it is essential for the person to be able to concentrate.  Being able to concentrate will help you to achieve a successful meditation practice.  It can even bring your meditation experience to a higher level.

Concentration techniques are employed in the practice of beginners meditation to aid the meditator in controlling his/her thoughts.  It is really common to sometimes be distracted with an uncontrolled flow of thoughts.  However, if these thoughts cannot be controlled, it can hinder proper meditation.

Here are three effective concentration meditation techniques that can help beginners with their meditation practice.

·         Zazen meditation

This meditation technique is also called breathing meditation.  This is commonly used by the Buddhist tradition.  As the name implies, you should place your concentration on your breathing.  Simply count the number of inhalation and exhalation you make.  By doing so, you can gain control over your mind.  It keeps you focused and would avoid your thoughts to wander.

·         Vipassana meditation

This is also called as insight meditation.  This meditation technique also uses breathing.  However, the difference from the Zazen meditation is that Vipassana focuses on the sensations that arise from your body by breathing. 

·         Concentration using an object

This is the most common concentration meditation technique.  You just focus your attention to an external object that you have selected.  One popular object used is the flame of the candle.  By focusing on the object, it builds your ability to concentrate.

Controlling the mind requires practice and technique. You can try the above concentration techniques to help you develop your concentration with your beginners meditation.

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